Episode 5 - Evolutionary Architecture with Neal Ford

Neal Ford: @neal4d | nealford.com

This episode is sponsored by Pivotal and ArchConf 2017

Neal's new book, Building Evolutionary Architectures, was just released in print and eBook formats.

01:36 - Neal’s Background and Career Path Thus Far
Clipper Development
Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs)

11:52 - Evolutionary Architecture and Evolvability
Neal and Rebecca Parsons on Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture
Neal’s Evolutionary Architecture Podcast Episode on Software Engineering Daily
Neal and Rebecca Parsons Discuss Evolutionary Architecture on the Thoughtworks Tech Leaders Podcast
Neal’s Webinar on Evolutionary Architectures
Docker - Dynamic Equilibrium
Arrival of the Fittest: How Nature Innovates by Andreas Wagner

26:56 - Fitness Functions; Ensuring Resiliency

31:19 - Microservice Architecture and Complexity

40:57 - Data Ownership: Who owns customer? Logical Cohesion

50:44 - -ilities: Tradeoffs