Episode 6 - Modular Monoliths with Simon Brown

Simon Brown: simonbrown.je | @simonbrown | Software Architecture for Developers | Simon blogs at Coding the Architecture

This episode is sponsored by Pivotal and ThoughtWorks.

02:13 - Simon’s Background and Career Path Thus Far

04:20 - Structurizr and Software Tooling
The C4 Software Architecture Model

08:44 - Architecture Concepts in Programming Languages and an Architecturally Evident Coding Style

12:24 - Organization of Code and Software Systems; Microservices
The Moose Technology Platform

23:32 - Lack of Design Thinking
Distributed Big Balls of Mud
Simon's Modular Monoliths @ Devoxx Belgium 2016

This episode is sponsored by The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference and ArchConf 2017.

29:08 - Cargo Culting Ideas and Testing Strategies
Martin Fowler’s PresentationDomainDataLayering

39:36 - Problems with Terminology

44:37 - Tooling “for the right thing”

52:59 - Advice for an Aspiring Software Architect