Episode 7 - WebAssembly with Brian Sletten

Brian Sletten: @bsletten | about.me/bsletten

00:30 - Brian Sletten Introduction

02:01 - What is WebAssembly?

caniuse.com: Search=webassembly

Google Native Client (NaCl)

NaCl and PNaCl


11:58 - The Popularity and Attraction of WebAssembly

21:44 - Will WebAssembly kill the desktop?

33:00 - The Synergy Between Rust and WebAssembly


40:38 - Getting Started with WebAssembly, Additional Resources, and Advice

Twitter: #WebAssembly

Learn WebAssembly | PACKT Books

The Pragmatic Programmer: Programming WebAssembly with Rust

“Lin Clark WebAssembly” Google Search